Animal Friendly Practice

How are the animals raised for our family brand products treated?

All animals are raised humanely, range and stress free on small family farms. Animals are given indoor and outdoor access, weather permitting.


What are the animals that are raised for our products fed?

They are fed an all natural vegetarian diet. The animals raised specifically for the Lou’s Naturals’ family of brands & for grass-fed products eat wild and planted grasses, as well as alfalfa. The animals always have access to clean, fresh drinking water. There are no animal by-products, hormones or antibiotics in their diet.


How are the animals used in our Lou's Naturals products harvested?

The comfort of the animals, both during their time spent on the farm and during harvesting, is a priority for Lou's Naturals and our partners. It is in the best interest of the harvesting facilities to continue ensuring the animals raised for the family of brand products remain relaxed because a stressed animal affects the quality of the meat. The animals raised for the family of brand products are continually under the regulatory oversight of the USDA from the time they leave the farm through harvest.


What kind of quality control does Lou's Naturals have in place for their family of brands?

Independent third party auditors monitor all aspects of operations at the farms, harvesting facilities and processors that make up Lou's Naturals family of brands operations.

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