Quality Control

At Lou’s Naturals, we take quality seriously. We also take our consumers seriously. Most of all, we take you seriously. 

Lou’s Naturals commitment to quality control has always been a key element in shaping our company’s character. We always listen to customer feedback. Being a small, family-owned and family-operated company, we understand the importance in paying close attention to consumer wants and needs. Therefore, there is absolutely no responsibility too big or too small for any of us. Our CEO, Louis B. Colameco III, is extremely involved in our dedication to continually providing the highest quality, 100-percent all natural meat brands in today’s market. All members of our Lou’s Naturals family are held equally responsible in our shared commitment to quality. Not because it is expected, but because our employees personally care about preserving the integrity of each and every item in distribution.

Please read our action plan for keeping all brands distributed by Lou’s Naturals under control and always quality assured:
Every product label clearly states our brands are all natural without any added preservatives, antibiotics, nitrates, or nitrites. These standards are maintained by securing and monitoring the best, local livestock farmers available. All suppliers must submit supporting documents proving our all natural claim. These documents are thoroughly examined and then securely stored at our Lou’s Naturals office.

Third-party audits for each of our vendor-partners are reviewed and corrective actions are verified. At random, a member of our quality control team visits with each of our vendors to verify corrective actions, raw materials and labels. In addition, our quality control team completes a plant walk-through ensuring the conditions of the plant, processes and personnel meet our standards. Each new third-party audit is carefully reviewed and then discussed with the vendor. Our vendors score above 95% on their audits, and almost three quarter of them are certified under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) audit protocols. Products are tested to verify absence of pathogens, claims, and nutritional information. This assures the consumer that USDA standards have been met or exceeded from start to finish.

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